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BIG Virtual Water Quiz

Four major U.K. water companies joined forces and asked us to create a virtual, educational quiz to inspire a behavioural shift in kids and families towards more conscious water consumption and provide entertainment during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Affinity Water, South East Water, Southern Water and Thames Water.


To host an online event that educates kids about water conservation – where our water comes from, who manages it and how much we have of it. The ultimate goal was to inspire mass behaviour change to create responsible water custodians – instilling an awareness of how precious this natural resource is and to champion behaviour that conserves it, rather than wastes it.

What we did

This was an unusual project for us, as it involved four clients in one project! The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic had halted Affinity Water, South East Water, Southern Water and Thames Water’s usual schools outreach events and initiatives, and therefore, each was looking for more innovative ways to reach their audience online. In a wonderful show of utility company camaraderie, all four companies agreed to work together on this project to reach kids – and home-schooling parents – stuck at home.

Four clients, operating in four different regions, who all have their own approach to water education – this was never going to be a cookie-cutter project! Thankfully, the thing that binds these four different companies is their passion and commitment to educating children about the environment – an ethos we share.

You can watch the full recording of the live quiz, above!

Combining the different education and communication requirements of all four water companies, we created a 30-minute, online quiz of 15 fun and fact-packed questions about precious water. We broke down complex concepts about geography, science and nature – like where water comes from, how it’s recycled, how much of it is in the human body and more – in a way that was snappy, engaging and allowed kids to learn and discover through multiple-choice questions. We also busted common misconceptions that kids have about water, like ‘we have an endless amount of water’ and ‘the water we get in our homes comes from the sea’.

The quiz itself was created as a series of slides that could be presented on screen. It was vibrant, colourful and playful, with strong visuals to help kids visualise complex concepts about water in a more conceivable way. We added an illustrated water droplet character to inject some personality and diagrams – where relevant – to explain concepts like the water cycle.

Using our experience of marketing to kids and families, we created eye-catching social graphics to drive sign-ups – to be distributed by each water company via their own channels – plus an Eventbrite page, to further promote the free, online event, and register interest pre-event.

The event itself was hosted on Zoom by a member of the Creature Media team, and simultaneously live-streamed on all four water companies’ Facebook pages.

Another challenge, was how to incorporate all four water companies into the quiz in a way that felt authentic and equal for all parties. Using a map and colour-code system, we created a series of slides that introduced each of the water companies and showed where they operate. The quiz host talked through each and explained, in brief, what water companies do. This allowed participants to better understand the role of each of the companies, and whether their local supplier was involved.


We had 250 participants on the Zoom call with an estimated total headcount of 940, including 10 teacher sign ups. The Facebook Live streams had a further, combined 2,200 views and reached over 3,000 people.



STRATEGY: Creative, Education, Behaviour Change
INSIGHTS: Content research & verification.
CONTENT: Creation.
PLATFORMS:  Website, Social, Games


GOAL 6: Clean Water & Sanitation
GOAL 13: Climate Action
GOAL 14: Life Below Water

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