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We’re Creature & Co. – a purpose-driven creative agency that helps brands drive positive change for the benefit of people and planet.


Our mission is to inform, inspire and empower people to act on the world’s challenges through engaging and accurate storytelling and experiences.

Our work to date has educated over 24 million children and caregivers – a figure we aim to double by 2025. At Creature & Co., our purpose is to create lasting, positive change that makes the world a greener, fairer, and more prosperous place for all.

We operate in a virtuous circle; our mission drives our purpose, our purpose drives our growth, and our growth helps us achieve our mission.


What we do


Experts in helping brands navigate purpose, our team has years of experience communicating a wide range of complex, challenging and sensitive world issues – from deforestation to poverty – nurturing audiences through education and solutions-focused action.

We understand that it can be daunting for organisations to tackle these potentially sensitive topics in a way that feels authentic and drives engagement. That’s where we come in – we specialise in driving positive, long-lasting behaviour change through language everyone can understand, and content that everyone can enjoy.

Positivity is central to the way we communicate. Inform, Inspire, Empower; these three pillars structure our approach to content – a formula proven to provoke a positive response by using informative, solutions-focused storytelling.

We champion collective action and work to help audiences feel part of a movement, united in compassion, who can create change together. We’re even on our own journey to becoming a B Corp, the highest level of social and environmental impact certification for businesses that balance purpose with profit.

At Creature & Co., we live and breathe purpose. We only talk the talk because we genuinely walk the walk. We’re proud members of Clean Creatives, Surfers Against Sewage, Real Living Wage and supporters of The Better Business Act, working to secure a better future for people and planet.

We’ve also produced our first ever Impact & Purpose report, not only as a celebration of the positive impact our business has had over the past 12 months, but a public statement to hold us to account in the areas we need to improve on.

For over 15 years, we’ve been honing our skills in purposeful content creation through National Geographic Kids, which we publish in print and online in four international territories. Our journalistic background has built a team of inquisitive and expert storytellers and communicators, experienced at working in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Working with a network of external experts, from scientists to psychologists, helps us to verify the accuracy of work, add credibility and ensure it leads to real-world, tangible behaviour change. Our collaborations unify a force for good, motivating people of all ages and backgrounds to care about the world’s challenges and give them the knowledge and tools to act.


Our Services



Our strategy services include consulting on, auditing and planning brands’ strategic approach to purpose, behaviour change, education, creative and editorial. We can also work in support and guidance roles, acting as a sounding-board for brands with initial ideas.


Providing validation through market insight, research and testing, we are skilled in content and consumer research. We are also able to facilitate focus groups and can provide access to our bespoke family panel, a group of over 500 environmentally and socially engaged members.


Our content services include all aspects of content creation from ideation and narrative-building to design, copywriting, and videography. Our team are skilled at adapting content to global markets and we can also offer translation services.


Content assets can be tailored to suit a range of mediums – print, video, games, social and more. From concepts and wireframes to UX/UI design, building and testing, we can work with your brand to develop websites, progressive web apps, iOS/Android apps and games.

Driving behaviour change is the catalyst for everything we create. That’s why we measure our success by building behaviour change metrics into every project, measuring increases in awareness, knowledge, empowerment and action. To date, our work has educated over 24 million people – a figure we aim to double by 2025.  

At Creature & Co., we know that brands who lead with purpose, and not just profit, have the power to change the world. We strive to work with and endorse like-minded organisations, championing the brands and businesses we believe in. That’s why we use a bespoke client ‘Compatibility Test’ to make sure that working together is right for both of us.

Like what you’ve heard so far? Get in touch to see how we could collaborate.


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