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We’re Creature and Co. – a rather unique content agency that specialises in inspiring positive behaviour change.


We’re experts in helping brands and businesses communicate big, real-world topics in a way that Informs, Inspires and Empowers audiences. We do this because we’re passionate about doing good for people, wildlife and the planet – and most importantly, inspiring others to do the same.

We understand that it can be daunting for organisations to tackle these potentially sensitive topics in a way that feels authentic and drives engagement. That’s where we come in – we specialise in driving positive, long-lasting behaviour change through language everyone can understand, and content that everyone can enjoy. We have a specialist team of content creators, designers, developers and marketeers who are experienced in engaging audiences in tricky topics through print and digital formats like content hubs, booklets and video.

We help our clients in a number of ways. We can help brands that care about environmental issues, like deforestation, plastic pollution or climate change, engage their audience into caring too. We can help organisations communicate potentially distressing social issues, in a respectful and sensitive way. Or perhaps you’re a business that wants to communicate its diversity policies in an engaging and inclusive way – we can help with that, too.

And hey, if you’re not quite ready to make your communications public-facing yet, that’s okay. We can offer workshops, market insight and consultancy to help you identify and prioritise the topics that will best resonate with your audience.

We want to work with brands that understand the urgency and importance of the UN SDGs and that are authentically committed to making real change. So, we put all our potential clients through our bespoke ‘Compatibility Test’ to make sure that working together is right for both of us.

Oh, and we almost forgot to mention where we got all those years of expertise in this space – we’re also the proud publishers of National Geographic Kids magazine, a brand that has purpose at its core. For 14 years, we’ve tackled topics like science, nature, history, geography and world culture for kids and families around the globe, breaking down complex concepts in a way that’s fun and easy to read. And we believe the method we’ve honed to engage children, applies to people of all ages – because making challenging topics as simple and digestible as possible, makes them engaging for all.


Like what you’re hearing? Why not get in touch? We’re a friendly bunch that love hearing about how we can help like-minded businesses.