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Welcome to Creature & Co.’s 2022 Impact & Purpose Report! This is a really exciting moment in our story, because it’s our first as a certified B Corporation! We’ve made a legal commitment to use our business as a force for good – to ensure our activities protect and care for our local communities, employees, the environment, and in turn, our collective futures. 

We can’t say that 2022 was an easy year. The ongoing Cost of Living Crisis, COVID-19, Brexit and tensions in other parts of the world caused hardship for many of our clients, impacting the frequency, scale and budget of our projects. And in many ways, that makes what we do even more important! 

Despite that, 2022 still gave us some incredibly inspiring, purposeful projects with brilliant clients. Plus, we furthered our mission to educate people about the world’s challenges through uplifting, solutions-focused storytelling and creative – you can learn a little more about that in this report by clicking ‘Download’ below. 





The report is not only a celebration of the positive impact our business had during 2022, but a public statement to hold us to account in the areas we need to improve on.   

Businesses can’t improve what they aren’t measuring, so this report is the basis for implementing meaningful changes across the areas of governance, treatment of our employees, the environment, our community, and our customers. Here’s to another year of inspiring positive change! 


Interested in your own Impact & Purpose Report?


Our content team can help you communicate your sustainability initiatives and brand purpose in an engaging and transparent way, supporting the success of your business’ triple bottom line.   

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