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Nature is our biggest ally for reversing climate change. But we have a crisis…

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The Climate Crisis has further stoked the flames of the Nature Crisis, but what’s the difference between these two inseparably linked, growing emergencies?

The Climate Crisis refers to dramatic change in our average weather patterns, due to a rise in global temperature levels caused by human activity. This period of rapid change, if left to escalate, will cause catastrophic warming, droughts, and dangerously high sea levels.

The Climate Crisis is intensifying the Nature Crisis, causing a mass unbalance in the natural world and damaging the fragile ecosystems that we depend on for survival. From the devastation of forests, peatlands and mangroves resulting in the release of huge amounts of carbon dioxide, to the destruction of wildlife and loss of rich biodiversity, the Nature Crisis must be addressed.

To us here at Creature & Co. nothing has ever been more creative than nature. To help empower change before our natural world sees irreversible damage, we are calling on brands to start thinking beyond doing less harm, and more about how to make positive contributions.

In our latest white paper, we delve into the Nature Crisis, what this means for planet and people, and how brands can help empower people to care about nature.

We look at how finding the right purpose that authentically fits with your business can help create innovation and how you could profit from purpose when threading altruism seamlessly through company processes.

Brands hold the power to create a real change in consumer behaviour throughout global markets, leading to the collaborative problem solving. That’s why we’ve given you our top 5 ways to build a narrative for you brand around the Nature Crisis as a great way to kick start your journey.

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