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“I’m 100% faithful.” “…but Ross is.” “Elusive? Wa’dussat even mean?” 

If you watched Season Two of BBC’s The Traitors over the past month, you’ll recognise these quotes. If you didn’t watch it, what are you doing reading this? That is traitorous behaviour, and you need to go watch it right this second (or at least read this article first otherwise I’ll be told off for by my Marketing Manager for actively destroying the Dwell Time on this page).  


What is a social deduction game?

In recent years, social deduction games have captured the world’s attention, with titles like Among Us and The Traitors dominating gaming platforms and social media feeds alike. These games, built on the premise of deception, suspicion and deduction, have not only provided endless entertainment but have also sparked intriguing possibilities beyond the realm of gaming 


What is The Traitors all about?

As an example of a social deduction game, here’s how The Traitors works: 

The show features contestants, some of whom are secret “traitors,” while others are “faithful.”  

The faithful must uncover the traitors during a roundtable ritual, while the traitors aim to eliminate a faithful each night.  

If the faithful identify all traitors, they share the prize; otherwise, the traitors win it all.  

It’s completely gripping. Even just typing the word ‘roundtable’ got my heartrate up slightly as I remembered all the betrayal and deception that gets packed into each episode. I want it in my eyeballs ALL THE TIME. It’s just *SO* good! 

I’m resisting the urge to talk about *that ending* here, so instead I’ll tell you this: not only did we at Creature & Co. find The Traitors a great watch, but we also found it incredibly inspiring. As a creative agency, our strategy is to inform, inspire and empower people to act on the world’s challenges through engaging and accurate storytelling and experiences. We specialise in distilling complex topics and engaging audiences in innovative ways, so we wanted to explore how we could leverage the immersive mechanics of social deduction games to captivate and educate audiences. Are you with us? 


Using an on-trend format to captivate a new audience

At the core of social deduction games lies a captivating blend of strategy, psychology and social interaction. Players navigate webs of deceit and trust, utilising deduction skills to uncover truth or maintain facades. This dynamic gameplay fosters intense engagement, as participants become deeply invested in unravelling mysteries or outsmarting adversaries. 

At Creature & Co., we recognise the potential of these social deduction mechanics for conveying complex topics in compelling ways. The content we create inspired by social deduction games can foster active participation and dialogue among new audiences. Whether it’s interactive workshops, virtual experiences or gamified learning modules, we can create environments where individuals collaborate, question assumptions and challenge perspectives – all while being engaged in fun, active and memorable activity. What’s not to like?


Educating consumers through innovative formats

Integrating gamified elements into learning materials enhances educational content effectiveness. Whether teaching complex theories or ethical dilemmas, interactive experiences inspired by social deduction games provide immersive ways for learners to absorb information and develop critical thinking skills. 

Social deduction-inspired content offers a fresh approach to breaking down comprehension barriers. By presenting information in engaging, accessible formats, discussions framed within the game context encourage curiosity and exploration, rather than being overwhelming or intimidating. 


How to use Gamification for good

We’re big advocates for using gamification to raise awareness of the world’s challenges and their solutions. Games, by their very nature, are engaging, dynamic and collaborative, serving as powerful tools to inspire action in a subtle yet impactful manner. Our track record speaks for itself – from developing the UN SDG card game Go for Goals, to creating the Dirt Is Good Academy, a gamified digital education program for Persil aligned with the UN SDGs, and designing an interactive quiz for the Met Office to educate youth about air pollution, to name just a few. 

Moreover, the benefits of playing social deduction games are undeniable. Not only do they enhance strategic thinking and social interaction skills, but they also have benefits to help make the world a better place too. No, really! 

🤔 Critical Thinking

Social deduction games encourage players to analyse information, assess motives and evaluate evidence, fostering critical thinking skills essential for navigating real-world complexities and making informed decisions. 

💬 Communication

Effective communication is vital in social deduction games to persuade, deceive or uncover deceit.  

❤️ Empathy 

Immersing oneself in the perspectives and motivations of different characters in social deduction games cultivates empathy, a crucial skill for understanding diverse viewpoints and fostering inclusive communities. 

🛠️ Problem-Solving 

Social deduction games present players with intricate puzzles and ambiguous situations, requiring them to devise creative solutions, adapt strategies, and think on their feet – skills invaluable for addressing complex societal challenges. 

🤝 Collaboration 

Successfully identifying traitors or deceiving others often relies on effective teamwork and collaboration. Learning to cooperate, trust others and delegate responsibilities in social deduction games can translate into more effective teamwork in professional settings or community initiatives. It’s no secret that we all need to work together to make the world a better place *cough cough* Sustainable Development Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals. 

So, next time you gather around the gaming table, remember that you’re not just playing a game – you’re preparing yourself to make a positive impact on the world. 


Innovative content creation

As the popularity of social deduction games continues to soar, we at Creature & Co. will be looking to find innovative ways to harness their mechanics for content creation. By embracing the principles of deception, collaboration and deduction, we can craft engaging content that captivates audiences, distils complex topics and fosters meaningful dialogue.  

Are you interested in how gamification, and more specifically social deduction games, can be used to help captivate and educate your audience? We’d love to help! Get in touch at [email protected] for a free, informal chat. 

And one last thing, #JazathaChristie for PM. 


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