It’s official. We’re a Living Wage Employer!

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We’ve joined the likes of Stagecoach, Oxfam, IKEA and other employers that are voluntarily taking a stand against low wages.


At Creature & Co., we live and breathe purpose. We only talk the talk because we genuinely walk the walk. Becoming a Living Wage Employer is just one of the steps on our journey to becoming a certified B Corp company (watch this space) and ensuring our staff are happy, healthy and supported.

So, what is the Living Wage, exactly? We’ll let Martin Lewis explain…

Unlike the government’s mandatory minimum wage, the Living Wage is a voluntary commitment and is calculated on the actual cost of living (surprisingly…). So, that means it takes into account everyday and unexpected life expenses like dentist trips or broken boilers and the higher price of healthy food choices. It also provides a level of security for employees, ensuring they can save and plan for the future, as well as reducing the physical and mental health burdens of not being able to afford to live.

So, for all these reasons and more, we’re proud to fly the flag for Living Wages!


You can read more about the Living Wage initiative here.

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