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Our secret weapon in creating content that hits the mark every time…


A key part of our success is our exclusive Family Panel. With over 500 environmentally and socially engaged members, this community helps us to understand more about the audience we talk to. They also help to ensure that our client’s campaigns are data-driven and insight-focussed. Every panel member represents a family unit, so the insight is an honest cross-section of kids’ and adults’ views: providing invaluable insight into family life today.

We can ask them anything, from brand preference to daily habits, their opinions on consumer trends, to likelihood of recommending a brand to a friend. Plus, we can gain pre- and post-campaign analysis as well as create focus groups to inform campaign narratives.

Access to our panel is offered as part of wider campaign activity, rates are discussed on a case-by-case basis dependent on clients’ needs and objectives. So, get in touch today to see how we can inform your next campaign!



Fancy joining the Panel?

As a thank-you for joining our Family Panel community, we’ll have a tree planted in your honour!

As a member of the Panel you’ll have the opportunity to take part in tasks including surveys, polls and occasional panel events. Your valuable feedback will be relayed to our clients, so this is your chance to influence brands and shape the work that we do!

To join, fill in the contact form below quoting ‘FAMILY PANEL’ and we’ll be in touch…

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