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We’re often approached by brands looking for help communicating a complex message to a family audience — one such example was Covestro in 2018…


Our aim was to inform and expand the current thinking around plastic. Polymer-maker Covestro wanted to show the world that actually, not all plastic is bad. In fact, some of it is very necessary! From car dashboards to medical equipment, this is a substance we cannot (at the moment) completely erase from our lives.

What we did

We created a multi-platform campaign (including a competition) which covered topics around the history of plastic and its importance as a wonder material, when used responsibly.

We were able to successfully communicate that plastic is an important enabler of innovation, whilst educating readers about the detrimental effects that single-use plastics can have on our environment and wildlife.

The competition gave readers the chance to win a Chem C3000 science kit, a school visit from a Covestro scientist and a member of the National Geographic Kids team, plus STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) funding for their school!

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