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sensitive topics engaging

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sensitive topics engaging


Thanks to everyone who joined our free webinar!


For anyone who missed it, or would simply like to watch it again (we’re flattered!), you can do that by watching the video recording below:

Here’s a refresher of the ‘Dos and Don’ts’ checklist we ran through on the webinar – we hope you find it helpful for when you’re communicating sensitive topics to your audience!


  • Simplify
  • Be honest
  • Be positive
  • Be objective
  • Use visuals
  • Trust in your audience


  • Overwhelm
  • Sugar coat
  • Assume


And if there are any topics you’re struggling to communicate, because they’re complex, technical or sensitive, then let’s have a chat about it and see if we can help. We truly believe there’s no topic ‘too big’ for us to tackle. Get in touch, below!